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Etchings Journal


Etchings was the result of a revamping of University of Indianapolis’ former literary magazine, Tusitala, in 1989. After a student contest was held, the magazine was renamed Etchings. Organized and developed by students with the supervision and guidance of faculty members, a new issue has been produced each semester. Since the revamping in ’89, Etchings restored the emphasis on the initial intentions of the university’s literary magazine showcasing the works of undergraduates, graduates, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Each semester, the students in Etchings work together to create the magazine. They learn how to properly develop a literary magazine by assessing submissions and creating designs for the finished copy. In 2013, Etchings moved to being produced twice a year.

Now, thirty issues later, we celebrate the work that students and faculty put into many generations of the magazine.

We are now going to be offering two different subscription packages: a one-year subscription of two issues for $25; and, a two-year subscription of four issues for $40. Each newly released issue will be mailed to you.

Your subscription will support the publication of Etchings and its students. You can witness the talent of the students at the University of Indianapolis


1-year Subscription $25.00 USD
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