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    Student Directed Productions 2010-11

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    Student Directed Productions 2010-2011

    Directors and Titles listed below

    April 15-17 and April 28-30, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.
    Studio Theatre
    Productions are typically full staffed and designed by students, who use them as a laboratory experience, putting into practice the principles they have learned in the classroom. Working closely with members of the faculty and staff, the students select, cast, and direct the plays and supervise the lighting, design, and construction for the productions. Specific shows to be announced. Some productions may contain adult themes and language.

    The Lover

    by Harold Pinter

    Directed by Alycia Riley

    Stage Manager Christina Robinson


    Sarah Arianne Villareal
    Richard/Max Joshua Wright
    John, The Milkman William Schnabel

    And One of Them is a Cat

    by Kyrsten Lyster

    Directed by Michael Howard

    Stage Manager Tyler Hinojosa


    Dara Katie Gainey
    Keegan Zach Cardwell
    Mom Katelyn Smith
    Dad William Schnabel

    The Birthday Knife

    by Jerome Parrise

    Directed by Nathan Pellow

    Stage Manager Alexis Damron


    Vanessa Kyrsten Lyster
    Hunter William Schnabel
    Michael Bob Helfst
    Sandy Marilyn Ho
    Rachel Katie Gainey

    A Case of Anxiety

    by Mark Harvey Levine

    Directed by Nathan Pellow

    Stage Manager Alexis Damron


    Robert William Schnabel
    Marissa Marilyn Ho
    Inspector Ross Percell
    Gorilla Bob Helfst
    Pirates Nate Coder
    Kyrsten Lyster

    Gloom, Doom, and Soul-Crushing Misery

    by Robin Rice

    Directed by Nathan Pellow

    Stage Manager Alexis Damrom


    Marushka Katie Gainey
    Illya Ross Percell
    Sunshine Beamer Josh Ford


    Scenic Designer Chelsey Wood
    Lighting Designer R. Mason Absher
    Costume Designer Catheriine Moran
    Assistant Costume Designer Saleisha Huang
    Hair/Make-up Designer Danielle Buckel
    Sound Designers Ashley Clark
    Dominick Duda
    Props Bobby Brooks
    Kylie Welker
    Technical Director Fritz Bennett
    Production Stage Manager Christina Robinson


    Costume Supervisor Caitlyn Spires
    Costume Construction Crew Andrea Petro
    Alex Pierson
    Nick Reinhart
    Master Electrician Scott Leaderman
    Electrics Crew Nate Coder
    Joey Hansell
    Nelson Reilly
    Ashleigh Skaggs
    Haley White
    Scenic Artist Stephanie Kuscera
    Paint Crew Jason Gill
    Run Crew Jason Gill
    Tony Minott
    Wardrobe Crew Alex Pierson
    Light Board Operator Nelson Reilly
    Sound Board Operator Nate Coder
    House Manager Kelly Pendleton