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    Student Directed Productions 1996-97

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    Student Directed Productions 1996-1997

    Studio Theatre

    Who Am I This Time?

    an episode from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s Welcome to the Monkey House

    by Christopher Sergel

    Directed by Kara Terrell

    Stage Manager Tony Frisco


    Newt Ron Popp
    Harry Jeffrey Barnes
    Helene Jennifer Agan
    Miss Sawyer Suzie David-Hackett
    Mary Kelli Pierson
    Diana Krista Evans
    Nancy Jennifer Pinsker
    Catherine Janice Odom
    Susanne Chrystiane Pereira
    George Lynn Goodner III

    Separate Scripts

    by Ruth Tyndall Baker

    (World Premiere)

    Directed by Suzie David-Hackett

    Stage Manager Marshall Hackett II


    Lydia Alissa Haganman
    Evan Barry McFarlane

    The Fifteen Minute Hamlet

    by Tom Stoppard

    Directed by Amy Pizarek

    Stage Manager Stefanie Moser


    Hamlet Barry McFarlane
    Ophelia Kelly Guthridge
    Gertrude Holly Shaw
    Shakespeare/Claudius/Polonius Kevin Brady
    Marcellus/Bernardo/Laertes/Horatio Spencer Block
    Francisco/Osric/Fortinbras/Gravedigger/Ghost Chad Bussell


    (from Iphigenia and Other Daughters)

    by Ellen McLaughlin

    (Midwest premiere)

    Directed by Amber Martin

    Stage Manager Stefanie Moser


    Electra Susan Miles
    Clytemnestra Jenni White
    Chrysothemis Christie Beckmann
    Orestes Kevin Grow

    The Philadelphia

    from All in the Timing, Six One-Act Comedies

    by David Ives

    Directed by Christie Beckmann

    Stage Manager Christie Beckmann


    Al Jeffrey Barnes
    Mark Spencer Block
    Waitress Molly Schommer


    Production Manager Amber Martin
    Set Designer Molly Schommer
    Lighting Designer Dean Hamann
    Props Ian Fleming
    Light Board Operator Jess Bader
    Sound Board Operator Darin Wolfe
    Crew Tony Frisco
    House Manager Chuck Johnson
    Publicity Jennifer Agan

    Lonely Planet

    by Stephen Dietz

    A Senior Project

    Directed by Jenni White

    Production Stage Manager Nicole Jones


    Jody Bill Franklin
    Carl Kevin Grow


    Set Designer Molly Schommer
    Lighting Designer Dean Hamann
    Sound Designer Jim Ream
    Props Evan Cromer
    Deck Captain Lynn Goodner III
    Crew Ero Georgiades
    Ian Fleming
    Tony Frisco
    Dresser Chad Bussell
    Light Board Operator Jess Bader
    Sound Board Operator Darin Wolfe
    Publicity Jennifer Agan
    House Manager Chuck Johnson