Meet Associate Director Mike Kask

Meet Associate Director Mike Kask


General Info

Name: Mike Kask

Job Title: Associate Director

Department/Unit: Network, Systems, Infrastructure and Security

Years at UIndy: 5

Alma mater: Purdue University

Short Answers

How did you get started working in IT?

I was working in a bank as a personal banker and our branch was the pilot location for getting PCs at our desks rather than command line terminals. The IT department needed a point of contact and they chose me since I knew something about computers. After the implementation was completed, they suggested that I switch over to the Help Desk since I seemed to have a knack for that type of thing.

What exciting projects are you working on?

Updating to a new Telephone/Voicemail System

New Storage Area Network system

Configuring system backup procedures to make them more efficient

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? Turning off old systems.

What is the most challenging part of your job? Finding a convenient time to upgrade/update systems and applications to have minimal impact on users.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within UIndy, whose job would you want? I like my job. I don’t think I want to switch.

What do you do when you’re not working at UIndy? Train for marathons – I have two coming up.

Drive my kids to swim practice and meets.

What advice would you give to F/S or students about technology at UIndy? Do not click on links in email. Copy and paste them or manually type them into your browser to make sure it is taking you to the right place.

Lightning Round

Favorite piece of technology equipment: Phone

Windows or Mac: Windows

Favorite city: Indianapolis

Least favorite food: Anything with raw onions

Best ‘90s jam: Anything by Soundgarden

Favorite quote: Serenity now

Android or iOS: Android

Favorite board game or video game: Settlers of Catan

Right- or left-handed: Right